“The work was much more detailed and thorough than expected. I did not realize that everything would be packed the way it would be if we were moving to another city. Everyone was very courteous”.
Raymond 08/27/14

“They have done an outstanding job. It’s all going great. It’s nice to have our home almost put together again. I thank them very much for all the hard work and also the consideration given to us”.
Judy 08/19/14

“The workers were excellent and very polite”.
Robert 08/18/14

​“I was completely satisfied and think you guys did an amazing job. I would recommend you to anyone”.
Ellis 08/13/14

​“Very efficient and professional. Also very friendly”.
Joseph 08/01/14

“Did a very good job. Worked non-stop. Was very satisfied”.
Emma 07/23/14

“I have to tell you the truth. I was absolutely blown away at how great Pete and his staff from Integrity Restoration were. I own a ladies clothing and shoe store, Ritzy Rags and Shoes. We had an accident last week and had black paint cover our carpet. Unfortunately, we had to replace the carpet in the entire store, 3100 square feet. I spoke with Bill on the phone and decided to meet with them. I really liked Shannon and Bill and decided to hire them. I could just tell they were going to be great. I was right. From the beginning to the end they were fantastic. They came in and in 3 hours they photographed the entire store of contents and merchandise. They stored all the merchandise in their trucks overnight, in our parking lot, and when the carpet guys were done the next day they were ready to go. Amazing to me they put the store back together exactly the way it looked when they took it out. Thanks to Pete and his crew they made my life less stressed. They were clean, organized, fast, efficient and very polite.I would recommend them to anyone who needs to be moved for any reason.”
Craig Marsh (Owner)
Ritzy Rags and Shoe 07/21/14

​“Very helpful – friendly. Helped me with items to my car. Helped me find clothes to wear out of boxes. It was over 100 degrees in the house. Thank you so much”.
Sandra 07/11/14
“Really hard workers. Amazing job they are doing. Really appreciate everything”
​Michelle 7/8/13

“You guys did great. Worked hard and did it in the heat. Awesome job!”
Mary 6/9/14

“I am so amazed at the lengths they went through to assure that all my belongings were packed well and clearly identifiable. This entire team was such a joyful group, as if they were one big family. The padding details were such that I felt completely comfortable that everything will be returned safe and secure. Integrity, from my point of view, the name fits. Thank you so much”
Cathy 3/19/14

“Great job again, very happy with the job they did. I would highly recommend your company and its team for a well done job”
Joe 3/6/14


Over the years, it has been our pleasure to assist many people in times of need after experiencing such a traumatic event as a house fire or water damage caused by flooding. It is simply not enough to handle the business details associated with such an event. We strive to take the extra steps necessary to assist our customers with handling the emotions associated with such an event.

We have found that a lot of anxiety can put to rest through a straight forward approach of explaining to a home or business owner exactly what has to be done immediately and what has to be done soon thereafter a fire or flood. We also let our customers know that we will be there for them whenever they need us.

So take and moment and read what our customers have to say about Integrity Contents Services.

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