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Obviously, the first order of business is to make sure everyone in your family is OK and out of harm’s way. Next, contact your insurance agent as soon as possible so that the necessary steps can be taken to initiate your claim and to start the restoration process. If you are unable to reach your insurance agent and/or claims department Integrity Contents Services can assist you immediately.

If you can safely do so, turn off the gas and electricity to the property if it has not already been done. Additionally, turn off the heating or air conditioning system to prevent further spreading of soot and odor and open doors and windows to provide as much ventilation as possible.

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What are the first steps to take immediately after a flood

Obviously, make sure everyone in the home is safe and sound and exit the property as soon as possible. Flooding is extremely dangerous due to the hazards associated with the combination of water and electricity. Additionally, flooding can cause structural damage such as cracks, warping, and holes that can also be hazardous. If you are already outside the property, do not reenter until it has been determined safe to do so.

Next, immediately call your insurance agent. He or she will initiate the required steps to activate your claim and contact the necessary water damage restoration professionals. Should you need assistance, Integrity Contents Services is always here to help.

Do not begin any repairs or cleanup without the expressed permission from your insurance company or from a professional water damage restoration company. What you may think is being helpful could actually hurt your insurance claim case.

What actually is smoke damage restoration

Fire is not the only element that destroys property and contents. Severe damage to both can also occur from smoke and soot associated with fire. Smoke and soot will permeate just about every possible area and component of your household including walls, furniture, dishware, silverware, drapes, paint, clothing, bedding, carpet and other belongings.

Smoke damage restoration is the actual process of removing the odor and particulates associates with soot from personal contents. A variety of proven methods are utilized to restore the property and its contents to pre-fire condition. When it comes to cleaning walls, floors and personal contents such as jewelry, dishware, silverware, etc., nothing beats good old fashion soap, water and a strong hand scrub.

When it comes to removing smoke odor from clothing and furniture, Ozone and Hydroxyl methods are employed in a contained environmentally controlled facility.

How long will it take to remove smoke odor from my contents

How long it will take and the steps needed to remove smoke odor depends on the type of fire that caused the damage. A fast burning - high intensity heat fire, often referred to as a dry fire, leaves residue that is often dry and powdery. A slow burning- smoldering fire, often referred to as a wet fire, leaves sticky, smeary and pungent odor residue.

Once the smoke damaged items have been pretested to determine the extent of smoke penetration, the process of removing the odor can begin using specialized deodorizing techniques. Often, the deodorizing process requires more than one attempt and could take days, weeks or even months to restore the contents to pre-fire condition.

What should I do with all the soot in the house

The best action to take is to contact a professional smoke and fire restoration professional. Resist the temptation to begin the cleaning process on your own as doing so could potentially cause further damage to your belongings. Removing soot requires experience, the proper equipment and specialized techniques.

Will my furniture, clothing and other belongings need to be removed from my house

It depends on the extent of the fire and/or water damage. If either smoke or water penetrated the entire house, then yes, your contents will need to be packed out and stored accordingly.If the damage was limited to a specific area of the house full content removal may not be necessary. The best course of action will be determined by your insurance adjuster in association with a professional contents restoration professional.

If my furniture and personal belongings are removed where will they be stored

Integrity Contents Services will store your belongings in our fully secured and environmentally controlled warehouse located in Phoenix, Arizona. Your belongings will be protected using blanket wraps and/or boxing and labeled to indicate its owner along with a description of the enclosed contents.

Can my furniture be repaired

Determining whether or not furniture can be repaired will depend upon the nature and extent of the damage and the associated cost to repair. Your insurance adjuster will have the final say as to whether an item is salvageable or non-salvageable.